Play it Forward South Florida Corp. is a volunteer driven organization.

Meant to reach as many families in Miami-Dade County as possible.

What is a toy library you ask?

A toy library is a place where families can borrow good quality and enjoyable toys on a regular basis, just like books from a library! Our catalog includes toys that appeal to children of many ages (infants to middle school age).

We offer toys for a variety of interests and developmental play capacities, including toys for children who prefer cause-and-effect play (rolling a ball down a ramp), construction play (blocks) and pretend play (pretend food). Access to the toys is not limited by language, as the toys do not depend upon any single language for use (i.e., play is a universal language), and each kit contains visuals for reminders of the pieces included so they can ensure they are all returned to the library without needing to read anything to do so!